Social responsibility

Our world is facing great challenges: Conserving resources, guaranteeing human rights and ensuring the quality of life for future generations are essential issues that also challenge us as a company. Because only with a sustainable business we can set the course for a successful future.

At WCL Shipping Agency & International Freight Forwarding, we are guided by the ESG criteria, which have established themselves as the standard for assessing sustainable corporate governance. They describe three areas of responsibility: “E” for Environment (e.g. environmental protection and energy efficiency), “S” for Social (occupational safety, health protection, diversity, social commitment) and “G” for Governance (corporate values, management and control processes).

Our IT infrastructure is highly modern:
Servers, PCs, screens, etc. work energy-efficiently and are consumption-optimised. We use latest modern devices which are energy-efficient and have minimum carbon footprints!

Our values

For WCL Shipping Agency & International Freight Forwarding Company, what counts is not a quick success, but long-term growth. We feel connected to our customers and employees. We respect our environment, and diversity and manage our company sustainably and according to the rules of corporate governance.


Climate protection is a very high priority for our company. Long-term thinking is an important part of our strategy. Our office space is heated, ventilated and cooled without exception with ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY (groundwater heat pump system)! For details, please refer to the energy certificate. Please feel free to contact us at any time. All lighting is LED, both for the ceiling lighting and for individual lamps.

Energy certificate for non-residential buildings

The energy consumption efficiency of a building can be determined by calculating the energy requirement under the assumption of standardized boundary conditions or by evaluating the energy consumption rating.

Primary energy demand

Primary energy demand
of the building

Requirement value


GADOT Germany ist nun Eigentümer der WCL Shipping

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