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Air freight or sea freight – Which transport method is best for your goods and merchandise?

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Sea and air freight transports are among the best-known ways of transporting goods and merchandise over long distances. In the following, we evaluate when air freight transport is a better option than sea freight and why sea freight transport is more cost-effective than its reputation.

Air freight and sea freight are both very popular ways of transporting goods and merchandise from A to B worldwide. The fastest way to transport goods and commodities is by air, but it is also one of the most expensive ways to transport goods. Unlike sea freight, the loading options for air freight are also limited. One clear advantage of transport by sea freight is the high loading capacity and flexible scheduling.

If your shipment is not especially urgent, transport by sea freight also pays off thanks to its significantly lower costs. In particular, when you are transporting heavy and bulky goods and merchandise worldwide, transport by sea is the best option. If, on the other hand, you need to deliver spare parts as quickly as possible over a long distance and costs are not an issue, it is advisable to transport the goods and merchandise by air freight.

We know from experience that international sea freight is often chosen for intercontinental deliveries of goods and merchandise. In this respect, sea freight is relatively cheap and it is even possible to load several containers at the same time. Improved ships and security on international waters make transport by sea not only faster, but also much safer. It is also possible to track each individual container so that you always know exactly where your goods are.

The benefits of air freight transport

The clear advantages in favour of air freight transport include, for example, that this type of transport is perfectly suited for all goods and commodities that need to be transported within a short period of time. Transport via air freight is known for this. Air freight transports also benefit from lower turnover of goods and commodities. Compared to international sea freight transports, the bureaucratic effort is also significantly lower. The reliable arrival and departure as well as increased security with regard to the cargo are also advantages of air freight transport.

The disadvantages of air freight transport include the high costs. The fact that hazardous goods may not be transported via air freight can also be seen as a disadvantage. Size and weight restrictions also prove to be a disadvantage when it comes to air freight transport.

The benefits of sea freight transport

Among the clear advantages of transport by sea freight are, for example, that this type of transport is perfectly suited for all goods and commodities with long delivery times. Also, large quantities can be transported via sea. Sea freight is also considered particularly environmentally friendly. This sustainable method of transport is also seen as extremely economical, as liner shipping is regarded as the most efficient mode of transport for moving goods and commodities. Coverage is almost seamless around the globe. For the shipper, there are also many opportunities in the shipping sector.

We will be happy to provide you with individual advice regarding air or sea freight transport, including transport insurance.

The disadvantages of sea freight transport include the fact that it takes a long time. For this reason, the long transit times of the ships are not suitable for short-distance transports. Unpredictable weather conditions such as storms, heavy and choppy seas and excessively low water levels are also among the disadvantages of sea freight. Delivery delays of several days or even weeks cannot be ruled out and piracy is also a sensitive issue in some areas.



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