Networked with the global economy

Organise steel transports from the Far East, ship high-quality furniture to the Arabian Peninsula or supply South American industries with pre-heated chemical products,

the shipping agency WCL is based in Monheim am Rhein and yet is at home all around the world. The shipping specialists maintain contact with customers around the globe via the MEGA fibre optic network.
The company headquarters are ideally situated. In December 2016, WCL Reederei-Agentur GmbH moved into its new premises in Monheim’s Rheinpark. Previously based in Langenfeld, the company now looked out directly onto the Rhine. “We can often spot containers managed by us on passing ships,” says Managing Director Hans-Jürgen Fengels with a laugh.

A communicative business

Fengels founded the company in 1992, together with his wife Susanne Spieth-Fengels and Rainer Fischer. It is a business that is also very much focused on communication. “We see ourselves as a full-service provider,” explains the inland shipping operator, “and accompany our partners’ cargo all the way from their factory gates to their customers’ factory gates.”
His 16-strong team organises land transport to ports, liaises with the shipping companies, takes care of customs formalities and keeps a constant eye on the route the good take.

Constant exchange of data

“Our operational work takes place primarily on the phone and in front of the computer screen,” explains Rainer Fischer, giving an insight into everyday life at the company. “International goods traffic requires a constant exchange of data, freight documents and customs documents. The fibre optic cables run all the way to our server room. Without this modern telecommunications infrastructure, our business would be inconceivable.” Like the power supply, this is provided by their neighbours in the Rheinpark, MEGA.

Two companies in motion

Hans-Jürgen Fengels says that the company looked very closely at a number of possible telecommunications providers: “Initially, we were a little sceptical about using a local supplier. Specifically, whether the company’s ability to innovate could keep up with our requirements.” But these doubts vanished into thin air after the first meeting. MEGA is an immensely modern and service-oriented player on the TK market. “The company is extremely mobile, which of course suits us as a shipping company,” smiles Fengels. In other respects, too, the company is committed to the same values, such as reliability, solution-oriented
conduct and sustainable management. WCL is very conscientious in its use of electricity, relying on waterborne transport and supporting the energy transition in the shipping sector.

Calm in turbulent times

The current turmoil in the global economy – for instance, the chaos of Brexit or the threat of a trade war with the USA – is not causing any unrest among experienced transport brokers.
“The global economy cannot survive without the exchange of goods,” Hans-Jürgen Fengels clarifies in a matter-of-fact tone. “Goods simply seek out alternative routes.” And in this respect, too, WCL is on hand to offer its customers advice and support.

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